Better Light and Greater Safety with VIS Phosphors

VIS Phosphors (400 – 700 NM)

Tailorlux produces custom solutions for the innovative application of photonic effect pigments in the spectral range that is visible to the human eye (400 to 700 nm: VIS). In residential or workplace settings, inorganic luminescent pigments can be used as an efficient and colour-accurate choice for fluorescent, energy-efficient, and LED lamps.

They are also used in plasma and CRT screens. Afterglow pigments can be produced to emit light energy over short or long periods of time, e.g. for guiding people to safety with afterglow emergency exit signs. VIS phosphors are extremely versatile and can be designed to emit light in broad wavebands and / or in a specific wavelength fingerprint. The pigments can be optimized to achieve the perfect desired light with exceptional efficiency and yield.

Complex photonic effect pigments are as unique as they need to be: Every batch has its own, unique fingerprint that gives it a forensically verifiable identity. These security pigments allow more than 300 billion variations, putting them virtually out of the reach of forgers and fakers, and making them an ideal substance for the invisible marking of banknotes, security documents, and product packaging and marking or other forms of product protection. The anti-counterfeiting and product protection system Tailor-Safe® relies on these complex, unique, and invisible, but also fully machine-readable luminescent pigments to offer its users unparalleled security with certified forensic validity.

VIS Phosphors in Action

  • VIS phosphors are used in specialized LED lamps.

  • Special phosphors, such as Dental-Lux, used in dental ceramics.

  • Phosphors used in LCDs and computer screens.

  • Afterglow applications.

  • Highly sensitive security applications, including banknotes, documents etc.