Up-Converters – Infrared Made Visible

Phosphors for High Security Applications

Up-converters or anti-Stokes pigments are materials that emit light in the visible spectrum (VIS) whenever they are stimulated with infrared light. This is made possible by laser light sources that focus near-infrared (NIR) light with enough energy to initiate the conversion from low-energy NIR to visible light.

A classic use case for up-converters  the invisible marking of documents or any other type of product. The markings can be seen with the naked eye when they are exposed to a special light source.

Only few up-converter systems have the minimum efficiency to qualify them for commercial use, and the range of suitable materials is relatively limited. This makes up-converters only partially suited as an anti-counterfeiting solution.

Tailorlux produces high efficiency up-converters with intensive blue, green, or red fluorescence and added forgery-proof properties beyond their use as visible markers. These forensically valid protections mean optimized value for money for all applications that need product markings to be visually verifiable and robust enough as forensic evidence.