Custom Infrared Phosphors

Infrared (IR) phosphors are luminophores that respond to exposure to an energy source by emitting infrared light with wavelengths in the 700 to 1500 nm range. The custom IR phosphors made by Tailorlux can be used to produce IR emitters with a specific, narrow spectrum that is unaffected by the surrounding temperature. These light sources – produced e.g. as LEDs – offer much greater efficiency than traditional IR sources, such as filament or halogen lamps with their broad, unspecific spectrum and strong susceptibility to changes in the temperature.

The properties of the luminophores developed by Tailorlux make them an ideal choice for

  • Analytical use
  • Medical diagnostics and therapy
  • Product authentication

With our client-specific design, development, and production of your phosphors, we can meet your specific spectral needs.