Luminous efficiency: Special phosphors for special applications with light

Beacons of Efficiency: Specialist Phosphors for Custom Light Applications

Tailorlux GmbH is a provider of innovative solutions for photonic effect pigments, with particular expertise in inorganic phosphors that emit light in a precisely defined pattern to match the needs of the intended application.

The unique competence of Tailorlux is our ability to translate our client’s specifications into the precise design, synthesis, and production of specialist phosphors. We create tailor-made luminescent pigments to fulfil the specific functions our clients require.The end result is highest-quality inorganic phosphors that

  • Pave the way for new technologies
  • Improve the efficiency of existing technology
  • Are ready for use in a very broad range of applications
  • Cover the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared light (190-1500 nm)
  • Are physically and chemically stable
  • Have been tested for their quality and performance by our in-house analytics lab

Tailorlux provides the luminescent materials used in specialized LEDs.

Tailor-Light® phosphors are used in applications including:
  • Special lights
  • Disinfectant technology
  • LEDs
  • Filters
  • Laser crystals
  • Displays
  • Detectors
  • Inks, toners, and paints
  • Infrared lamps
  • Medical applications
  • Synthetic materials
  • Optical ceramics
  • Anti-counterfeiting / Product protection
  • Security applications

Beyond our exhaustive and comprehensive knowledge of the optical properties of our materials, Tailorlux also possesses expertise with integrating optical functional materials into a diverse range of substrates to achieve the effects our clients are need. This paves the way for novel applications and products with highest security.