Tailorlux – A Source of Innovative Solutions

Tailorlux is the international leader and most innovative maker of light modulating materials used in high performance light sources and in the invisible marking and protection of products. Tailorlux offers cutting-edge metrology technology to identify and authenticate products confidently according to the lock-and-key principle.

Intelligent Optical Materials

Light knows no bounds: It is the source of electro-magnetism, an energy source all life depends on, and an indispensable part in our ability to share information. Light has countless uses and benefits. Specialized phosphors create the right light for every application. All Tailor-Light® luminescent pigments fulfil a diverse range of requirements and are tailored specifically to our clients’ specifications – that is why we call them ‘intelligent materials’.

Tailor-Light® phosphors are tailor-made photonic purpose-built materials that underpin and enable a versatile range of innovative applications, from air and water purification to varnish curing, cosmetics, medical technology and the hidden marking of products in the fight against counterfeiters.

Technical Anti-Counterfeiting Solution: A Patented Invisible Fingerprint

Tailor-Safe® is an efficient and cost-efficient anti-counterfeiting solution for products of all types. Cars, fashion, print, electronics, textiles, medical technology machine parts, surfaces, or luxury items: Optical security pigments tell the originals from the fakes with confidence and forensic proof.

Tailor-Safe® allows more than 300 billion unique combinations, making it virtually impossible to copy. It has been certified as forensically valid proof of authenticity, comparable to a human fingerprint or DNA evidence.

Tailor-Safe® security pigments are extremely mechanically resilient, chemically inert, heat resistant to 1700° centigrade, and quick, easy, and cost-efficient to integrate in all substrates, be their paints, inks, varnishes, plastics, films, glues, fibres, fabrics, textiles, papers, ceramics or many other materials. The resulting markers are fully machine-readable for split-second authentication processes.

With the hallmark “hidden, machine-readable, forensic proof”, Tailor-Safe® is a unique, patented, and perfect choice for industrial applications.

Tailorlux: Uniqueness – Trust – Security

Tailorlux is a guarantee of uniqueness. Trust and security are the cornerstones of our work with our clients, suppliers, and business partners. The success of Tailorlux grows from the commitment of all of our people to invest their hearts and minds to fulfil the needs and expectations of our clients. Economic sustainability, focus, engagement, and innovation are our principles.