IntegriTEX® – safeguard authenticity, traceability and quantification of fibres and textiles

The invisible marking

IntegriTEX® is a concealed traceability system for authentication, identification, time stamp as well as the quantification of fibre and textile products. IntegriTEX is based
on the marking of fibres by inorganic security pigments (luminescent particles, lumophors) and identification with optical “lock-and-key-sensors”.

The marking is extreme robust against mechanical, chemical and thermal influences, justice proof, machine readable with smart sensors at any time and place; and enables the detection and proof of blending.

IntegriTEX® is based on the trademarks ”Tailor-Safe®” and “Tailor-Trace®”, patented (Europe, USA patent pending) and successful approved since 2010 in more than 100 applications.

Tailored especially for fibres und textiles

IntegriTEX® is the result of a development to mark cotton fibres and products produced there of tamper-proof as well as to enable traceability at every time and place.

The main goal of the system – which is already successful integrated in “PIMA” and “Egypt Cotton” as well as technical textiles – is to safeguard the “product integrity” (origin, reliability, trustworthiness, immaculacy, authenticity), the quality of the engendered fibres (growing methods, harvest- and quality criteria), the quality of the processing to textile products (filaments, woven, non-woven, knittings), the participating companies and working conditions as well as the purity of textile products (protection against blending with lower qualities).

From fibre to customer

  • concealed (invisible) marking of fibres and textiles
  • authentication (proof of origin by a “justice proof” certified method)
  • identification (machine readable with priceworthy sensors at any time and place)
  • time stamp (assignment of a product batch to a production time)
  • the traceability (qualification from origin fibre to end-product and vice-versa)
  • the quantification (detection and proof of fractions in cases of blending)

Remarkable advantages

IntegriTEX® differentiates to other marking technologies by:

  • the unique combination of “invisible”, “machine readable” and “forensic proof”
  • the high robustness against chemical, light (UV) and thermical (up to 1.700°C) influences
  • the machine readability with priceworthy sensors at any time and any place
  • the evidence and quantification of material fractions in cases of blending

IntegriTEX® – 10 important facts

Uniquenessevery batch of security pigments is unique and not falsifiable
Integrationthe security pigments are easily integrated into fibres, filaments, woven, non-woven, knittings,
avivage, coating, coloring, printing, and others
Automatabilityfor integration often no additional process steps necessary
Justice proofcertified by independent audit – as safe as “fingerprint” or “artificial DNA”
Machine readabilityhigh speed reading by “inline” and “handheld sensors”
Speedachined verification of marking with production speed – no time delays
Combinabilityconcealed marking of batch to be combined with serial code via printing ink
Resistancesecurity pigments are extreme durable and detectable even after a fire
Harmlessnessluminescent particles are chemically inert, toxicologically harmless
Integritylumophors are RoHS- and REACH-conform, the properties of the original fibres are not impared

Performances on demand

Based on the requirements of the application IntegriTEX® offers the following levels/option:
Level 1concealed marking, invisible time stamp,
forensic authentication
Level 2sensoric identification, traceability with
“smart sensors”
Level 3evidence of blending of fibres or filaments