Protecting Electronic Tools

In the video, Carsten Bünnigmann, Managing Director of Jokari-Krampe GmbH, looks back at the reasons for choosing Tailor-Safe® as its authentication system already in 2011. Tailor-Safe® helps protect the quality of the company’s unique cable and wire stripping tools. When customers buy a Jokari stripping tool, they want to know that they can trust the promise of quality 100 % “made in Germany”. The Tailor-Safe® authentication system is easily integrated and helps tell the real Jokari product from cheap fakes with absolute confidence.

Authenticating Euro Pallets and Pallet Cages

In the video, Martin Leibrand, CEO of the European Pallet Association (EPA), explains his reasons for using the Tailor-Safe® product protection solution. EPA is responsible for the quality and safety of Euro pallets and pallet cages. When a new quality seal was introduced, the EPA decided to fit it with the product and brand protection of Tailor-Safe®. The marker is immediately visible to the naked eye and can be authenticated with confidence with the use of a simple scanner. EPA has found a new way to guarantee the quality of its products.

Protecting Medical Products

Dentist Dr Bernd Johnki has invested years of his life into developing his innovative product – the DentureLifter. He decided to go beyond the protection offered by patenting and add Tailor-Safe® as a strong safeguard. What was most important for Dr Johnki was the ability of Tailor-Safe® to prove the authenticity of his new denture lifting technology without any room for doubt. As a dental device, the material of the product has to meet very strict standard, and the product protection could not affect the properties of the DentureLifter in any way. As Tailor-Safe® markers use only the tiniest amount of pigments, both conditions proved to be no problem at all. In the worst-case scenario, the authenticity of the DentureLifter can now be proven with forensic certainty in order to fight off any unwarranted complaints or damage claims.

DentureLifter in the Press